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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    gosh, hey people!! its been ages since a last posted. my bad.

    aniwaes!! today we had literature n chinese n maths..maths was ..not very interesting. literature i so sway larx!! haizzz. oh wellss, kiona is worse dan me cos she was paired wth shao xiong! can you bliev it? how can she work with him? i think he was going into asthma state lerhh. meifang also so sway kana paired with william!!!! poor meifang.. charmaine n michelle so lucky. they can work with GURLSS.. art is kweul..i lyk charmaine n suchang's shophouses.no fair >.< n kiona's oso v cool la. heart windows..

    tomorrow have jap kite making! yay..at least dont have to sit through IP..poor charmaine would be all alone..hope she dont get bored to death..

    whoa dere is nth to say ler..so buhbye!!

    the beauty exposed ;

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    hey peeps!! its been soooo long liao since i last posted sia...ok 2dae is friday 13th and badminton prac was a total bummer..gerry dun be sad okay?? n dun worry, eu r fine.. bsides da fact dat i got hit during badminton, ...it was funny. jens and rahul were lyk gosh, so funny. an daniel is tan meimei!! hahax. btw, im so not yijie..it sounds SO OLD..seriously. he makes me sound as if im his grandmother. gosh.

    charmainiiiie went home wif huikang!! HAHAHAHA. PS: charmane dun kill me. its violence. ynoe wad, she was so busy wif him she didnt rply my sms..piantai rite?? eh my laopo is goin out wif a guy..i will eat vinegar sia..n so will yh...haha. ok inoe i sound les but heck,da main prupose is to make charmaine..heee

    kaes nth to sae le buaix

    the beauty exposed ;

    Sunday, July 1, 2007

    ohya, i forgot to say, everyone pls dun let huikang noe i haf a blog or anything orelse im so dead cos he is gonna murder me for sayin what i said bout him. heehee. thx. and dun tell stanley too cos he will report it to huikang. n yuanhan too cos he is gonna hate me 4 saein bout da suckerfish thing. pls n ty.

    wow i have said so much that i dont have anything else to sae so buai!

    the beauty exposed ;

    hiya people! whoa sooooo long neva post le..

    aniwaes, youth day was FUN!! especially da dunkin part. haha. i cant bliev shaohao went to get dunked..n with his shoes on some more.. dats like so..dotzz. but heck bout him. the pirates of clementi show is damn funny la..but i think "davy jones" or whatshisname is gross..but it was freakin nice when he got dunked. haha. im sadistic. i got WET!!! arrggghhh! shoulnt haf gone to da track..n dat pervert william is a freak. FREAK i tell ya. dat freak is so sick..did eu noe wad he saed? gosh. gerry noes n its like wad only rapists say. he should be jailed 4 sayin that.

    omgosh yuanhan actually went to post bout da suckerfish thingy. he actually went to check what the hell suckerfish is. gosh. (huihui, r eu gonna post bout eur super funny dream? n leave da betty part out of it!! n erase that thought out of your mind right now)

    and..lemme see...ah! happi bdae daniel..i dunno y im saein dis but heck. dunno which big mouth carn keep his mouth shut n told daniel bout his present thingy. i dun care who told him but dat person should get strike by lightning..or get hit by a car up to him.

    one more thing, huikang suckx!!!! dat damn person is so irritating n i carn blieve that some seniors think he is cute for some reason cos he is NOT . no offence to stanley but do you know what he saed? he saed dat huikang is cute n small.. i wanna puke le. yuckx.

    the beauty exposed ;