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    Monday, October 22, 2007

    hey yo!! this week is NOT nice. needa study for the two most NOT nice subjects to study for. for starters, chinese isnt nice. seriously. my chinese sucks really bad. so is my japanese. and lets c, i have chinese AND japanese test this week....T.T
    since there are so many test and exams coming i cant watch naruto annd gong zhu xiao mei. kiona wants me to watch prince of tennis too but no time. i realised i have been kiona-ing a whole lot lately..hmm..gotta not say so much..
    today, was nobel day! we had green balloons which i filled mine with helium and it floated around during class until jens couldnt see da board *hehe* balloons are fun =)
    we had captain's ball for PE. it was girls vs girls. dat was da first time in da while year a did not go super unenthu. surprised rite?

    ohh wells..back to studying. cya

    the beauty exposed ;

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    ERROR: SASORI is cool not cute. kiona n charmaine just reminded me that people carn be cool and cute at the same time cos they would look weird... yeah so SASORI IS COOL!!
    haha. i think there is something wrong with me.. im obsessed with sasori LOL. ANND, this week my enthuness flew far far away le.. must be not enough sleep. projects suck cos they take up my sleeping time and make me unenthu..that means no mood to argue back when kiona disturbs me..BAD BAD news.
    besides that, i went home without waiting for charmaine today.. SORRY CHARMAINE!! i didnt know you were going back with me so yeah.. you didnt say so at all.. next time ill wait kaes?? pinky swear..
    and to dux: um in my last post i was referring to some eiji or whatshisname i carn really remember cos kiona just told me. not da prince of tennis guy in Prince Of Tennis. aiya its the guy with hairstyle that sorta curves outwards at the sides.

    the beauty exposed ;

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007

    heyyy im such a lame person that i decided to talk all bout sasori. muahahha. im so sorry kiona but ya gonna kill me after ya read this. xD
    number one, NICOLE likes SASORI. so he is mine n you carn haf him ya hear?? MINEE. dun come n snatch. haha.
    number 2, SASORI is sooo CUTE. yesh he is i can confirm with myself that he is. what yall say dun matter cos he rawks. mhmm. he really does. his puppeteer skills thingy when he controlled third kazekage was super pro. and when he wears his akatsuki cloak OMGosh la he is soo omg. CUTE!
    number 3, SASORI is very very very cool too. his attitude. the way he talks. SO, SASORI looks cute but his attitude is cool. looks + attitude= pro-ness! muahahahaha.
    n kiona i dun care but sasori is better than that prince of tennis dude whoever he is. hehe.

    the beauty exposed ;

    Friday, October 5, 2007

    hey!! its has been sooooooo lobg since i last posted which was in like august?..okay.. sry for that its cos i had nth to say and i was too busy doing stuff..nus high gives us STRESS!! stress = emoness. dats the reason y everyone is becoming emo.. T.T
    so, today coach dint come!! muahaha. senior trained us instead (she rawks a thousand times more den coach). but i slacked super much today cos kiona forgot to bring racket and we slacked altogether (if not i slacked while she used my racket). she was super enthu in da morn n wanted to go bac home to take it. but then she decided not to.. oh wells, so now i have extra energy to waste n rite a post =).
    oh yeah, and I CANT BELIEVE DANIEL CAN SLEEP FOR 2 HOURS EVERY NIGHT!! if i slept at that time i wont wake up the next day sia. hmm wad else.. i realised that i dont like fbts cos i lok weird it them. esp with the jerseys!! we have to tuck it in which is weird..naruto out le!! hehe so sad..SASORI DIED! HOW CAN HE DIE? HE IS SO CUTE AND COOL OMGOMGOMG!! kiona im so sure i lyk sasori more then cloud now. xD

    the beauty exposed ;